our story

Drinks & Co. Singapore

It all started with a little showroom shop house and a great friendship…

Two long-time friends decided to leave the corporate grind in the liquor industry and start their own business. Their philosophy was simple:

• If we wouldn’t drink it, we won’t sell it
• We only work with nice people
• Always offer a fair price for good quality
• and most importantly… it has to be fun

In a short time they had a broad portfolio of boutique alcohol brands with a big focus on New World wines from small batch producers, and innovative craft spirits. The two friends stumbled upon a little shop house on Club street and decided to open a showroom and a place to host events.

The friends decided not to have a wine list, instead Drinks & Co has ‘The shelf’. Adorning one entire wall, and running virtually the whole length of every Drinks & Co outlet, ‘The Shelf’, offers a rich visual feast displaying our vast portfolio of wines & spirits, all waiting for inquisitive guests to pick up, handle and generally get acquainted with. With great products at fair prices, and the unique ‘bottle shop’ shelf concept, Drinks & Co was an overnight success, and quickly became a favourite with city workers looking to unwind after a long stressful day, and those looking to celebrate the weekends with friends.

Six years on, and Drinks & Co now operates 4 outlets in Singapore and one 1 in Phuket, Thailand, click on the links below to read more about them.

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Elbow Room by Drinks & Co - 83 Club St, SIngapore

Drinks & Co Grill - 81 Club St, SIngapore

Drinks & Co KItchen - Holland Village, SIngapore

The Gong by Drinks & Co - 7 Fraser St, SIngapore

Drinks & Co Phuket - 21/11 Lagoon Street, Phuket